angel + erik . the bride and groom session

we worked with angel of events of love and splendor (check out her awesome new website!) at the amazing vanrhein wedding earlier this year and after eating dinner with her found out that she wasn't exceedingly pleased with her wedding image is found to the rescue! little did angel and her husband erik know when they signed up to get dressed up again we would take them to a location 3 hours from their home in LA, that was a brisk 40 degrees, raining, muddy, and extremely windy! what an experience that was! we were pleasantly surprised that angel could put most models to shame...she was tough as nails out in the freezing weather totally strutting her stuff for us. thanks for playing along guys...hopefully you have regained feeling in all of your fingers :)



george + hannah

gettin hitched february 10th 2007.

ok, could george and hannah be any cuter?!!? these two are so fun together they were laughing the whole shoot! i decided to continue with my own personal challenge of "good shoots in weird places" that started with courtney and aaron's session at the arco. this location was even harder to pull anything out of than the last one. a big thanks to george and hannah for playing along with all my crazy ideas and for not asking for a full refund when we pulled up to see this....every girl's dream for where engagement photos would be taken...
after an hour and a half of fun and lots of me scratching my's what we ended up with...


B&H photo and video

the stripling family

while we were out in the lovely state of florida we had the chance to stay with our good friend susan stripling and her family. they were gracious enough to put us up in their daughter emma's princess room, drag us around tallahassee, feed us, put up with us, let us play their nintendo Wii, introduced us to fried pickles, the least we could do was shoot some awesome portraits for her! for those of you that don't know susan, she is an AMAZING photographer in her own right so it was quite intimidating shooting her :) she took us to this really cool swampy beach place for the, florida beaches are a LOT different than the plain ol boring ones we have here in so cal! it was a crazy eerie day with a super thick fog bank covering the's a good thing we brought our umbrellas!

first up...susan and her equally cool husband mitch!
oh my gosh...the stripling girls are so stinking cute it's insane!!! they were both so sweet to us :)
this might blow susan's chances of ever being sponsored by canon...but she just had to find out how a real professional camera feels ;)



wpja feature article

after our winning images in the last wedding photojournalist asosciation contest the powers at be decided to interview us for an upcoming article for their online wedpix magazine. we were interviewed for an article titled "what's in your gig bag." you can check out some of our cool quotes and opinions by reading the article here.


renaissance albums

welcome to florida

we're on the road again! we finally rolled into our hotel here in tampa at 2:30 AM local time this morning after a very long day of traveling and delays. we're here to shoot julia and tyson's wedding tomorrow and then head up to tallahassee to stay with and shoot family pictures for the fabulous susan stripling! we took a little drive up to dade city today to scope out our locations for a tomorrow and snapped a few pics along the way...

some of the locals....
a reflection of the trees on our car hood...
the site of a future church...


borrow lenses


last night we got home late from an awesome wedding at the la valencia in la jolla...and that's a wrap....the 2006 season is finished! it's hard to believe we started this season shooting in hawaii last january and FIFTY weddings later finished up the year on the last day of the year. this year has been full of much joy and many changes for us. it's kinda hard to wrap our head around all of the exciting things we did, places we traveled to, things purchased, experienced, etc. over the course of 2006. for those of you that are regular followers of our blog you've witnessed first hand just how crazily busy we've been!

we're anxiously looking forward to an awesome 2007!!! we've got some fun and exciting things up our sleeve that we're planning on launching throughout the year:

- the "ultimate" and "jumbo" engagement sessions...

- a whole new the images is found blog...

- "the white session"...

- wedding websites for couples...

- a slew of new portrait products and packages...

- new wedding products and packages...

- a photographer's FAQ...

- workshops for photographers...

- etc, etc, etc...

along with all of that we'll still be shooting like crazy and continuing to push ourselves creatively. we've got lots of fun ideas running around in our little brains that are just aching to get out :) we're continuing to refine our back-end systems to boost efficiency and improve our turnaround time on images and products.

a look back at 2006 would not be complete without a big shout out and even bigger thank you to all of the truly amazing couples that allowed us to play such an important part on their wedding day! we feel so incredibly blessed to do what we do week in and week out....thank you everyone!!!

we'd also like to take a minute to thank our amazing families and friends whose love and support over this past year has been priceless to us both.

to all of the photographers out there that we've had the privilege of befriending this year, thank you for all of the good times, support, techno babble, shooting, inspiration etc.

and lastly, a big shout out to all of you loyal blog readers...especially the commenting ones :) it's nice to know that at least a few people out there enjoy looking at our imagery and reading all these poorly written words!

here is a quick celebratory pic of our awesome couple from yesterday's new year's eve wedding, vicki and tim!


the CRAZYBOOTH manual . for photographers

want more blog?

if you are new to our blog, you may not know the fun little fact that before this blog we had another photo blog that we were very active on for nearly two years! we were so sad to have to move to this new blog but it was time to upgrade. the classic blog encompassed nearly 300 total posts and over 700 comments! if you'd like to see our "backstory" take a peek at the classic image is found blog!



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