green is the new black

terra pass . help save the carbon neutral!

let's face it, we all know the planet is going to hell in a handbasket faster than we could imagine. the problem of global warming is so big that it seems so daunting to everyone...including our government. well every journey starts with a is a small one we can all take :)

we all contribute to global warming. we all have a "carbon footprint," the total carbon dioxide emissions we create when we drive or fly or use electricity. the first step we can take to fight global warming is to reduce our carbon footprint through conservation. drive less. turn down the thermostat. buy locally produced goods. then use TerraPass to reduce your carbon footprint all the way to zero. when you buy a TerraPass, your money funds renewable energy projects such as wind farms. these projects result in verified reductions in greenhouse gas pollution that counterbalance your own emissions.

what a fantastic idea! to couterbalance the carbon footprint from our two cars, home and studio cost us about $250 per year....a small price to pay for the good of this beautiful planet! another cool thing terra pass has done is partner with expedia so when you purchase a flight, you can simultaneously purchase credits to offset the carbon emissions! oh, and another cool thing...if you're anything like us, you have an old cell phone or two laying around the house right? well you can turn your old cell phone into a free terra pass! by sending in your old cell phone for recycling you get a treehugger double whammy! the cell phone is recycled so it doesn't end up in some landfill and you get a terra pass to help promote renewable energy and fight global warming.


renaissance albums

kiko + susan

engaged to be married june 9th, 2007.

for any of you long time blog fans, you might remember the actual proposal of kiko to susan we were honored to capture back in april. well it was finally time for us to shoot kiko and susan's "normal" engagement session on saturday! we took them to our new fun shooting spot (the middle school down the street) for a very fun casual session. it's always fun to go to a place we've been before and try to come up with something new! we're SOOOOO looking forward to thier wedding in solvang later this year!!!
at the end of the session we finally let their new dog coconut out of the car for some pictures...she was so excited she was giving kiko and susan lots of kisses!



an easy way to choose (RED)

upgrade your choice...the idea is so simple, yet so powerful! for those of you that haven't heard of product (RED), here's how it works: buy (RED) products, portions of the money you spend are donated to the global fund to help buy and distribute anti-retoviral medicine to our brothers and sisters dying of aids in africa. find out more at

here is a SUPER SIMPLE way to help! we buy tons of music every month on the iTunes store to keep us jamming while we're at work in the studio. well apple is now offering these awesome product (RED) iTunes cards! we just purchased four $25 cards, of which apple will donate $10 to the global fund....simple! pick some up today to help add to your music library or give as gifts...they sure beat giving out more starbucks cards! (RED) iTunes cards also match perfectly with the new (RED) iPod nano :)



samantha's maternity portrait

one of the greatest joys of our work is to be able to document families as they develop. we started our relationship with samantha and her husband erik back in 2005 with a couple's portrait...then i shot a bridal session for samantha (see the bridal section of our wedding site for pics)....and now they are expecting their first child! i was honored to be able to shoot samantha's maternity portraits...i can't wait to meet baby ben when he arrives in april! as always, samantha was a blast to shoot, and uber-fashionable...i can't say i've ever seen rock and republic maternity jeans!


borrow lenses

thanks for the help!

we knew we could count on all of you cool people for some creative mojo!

thank you so much to everyone who contributed their witty remarks about the blog....we were busting up reading them! it was a hard choice but we've chosen nineteen different slogan things to be randomly generated when you rollover the "blog" image of us on the main webpage. CHECK IT OUT!


B&H photo and video

we are the dinosaurs

check out grace singing and dancing along with the laurie berkner band's "we are the dinosaurs." priceless. the best part is at the end when they do the roar she usually screams like a banshee at the tv....unfortunately jaclyn was spotted :( maybe next time!


the CRAZYBOOTH manual . for photographers

we need some help....

for our new homepage (take a peek!) the middle option to visit this new blog has a "rollover" effect that pops up text in the talking bubble. we are making the text be randomly generated each time someone visits so we need multiple "invites" for that bubble. problem is, we are all out of creative mojo so we're calling on any of you witty blog readers to leave us some suggestions! if you have an idea of something that is witty and inviting, leave us a comment! thanks :)

on a side note....we've also added about 15 new images to the engagement gallery on our website and new images to the contact page....check it out!



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