wpja feature article...again

apparently the wedding photojournalist assosciation liked what i had to say for our last feature article so they called on me again for some pearls of wisdom about "wedding party roles." the article covers the important roles the bridal party plays on the wedding day and how they can either help or hinder the photogrpahic process. this article is a very good read and would be very helpful for any couples out there with weddings coming up!

check out the whole article by clicking here!

for you clif notes type folks....here are a couple pertinent quotes :)

* Introducing your wedding photojournalist to your wedding party is key, says WPJA member Nate Kaiser, stressing the importance of the informational introduction. “Say something like ‘Hey everyone, this is Nate. He’s a wedding photojournalist, which means he takes candids.’ You need to preface the style. It’s pre-wedding instruction,” he says. A few of his bridal parties have actually circulated wedding day handbooks, including a line or two about the wedding photojournalist and how to act (or not act) for the camera. “It’s really important to let them know they don’t have to stop and smile and pose for the photographer,” he says.

* Kaiser offers a couple of examples of how your wedding party can be detrimental to good wedding photojournalism. First, there’s the quintessential frat party photo: “The group that won’t let you take a candid shot without stopping and grabbing their friends, who all throw their beer can at the camera.” Then, even more annoying (because the wedding photojournalist takes the brunt of the scorn) there’s the person who takes personal offense to the efforts: “The moment you train your lens, you get the look of death that says ‘What are you doing? Get away from me.’”

* Kaiser recommends appointing a go-to person, like the maid-of-honor or a sibling, who knows all the family members and important guests. He usually asks the couple before the wedding to designate someone to find missing people, so the bride and groom don’t have to worry about it. Last year Kaiser shot a 600-person Chinese wedding, and no matter how much he tried to negotiate, they wanted 45 formal group shots. An incredibly helpful and outgoing groomsman stood at the front of the church and barked orders to families, and they got through 45 formal groupings in 25 minutes. “He rocked,” says Kaiser. “And we’re actually shooting his wedding this year.”



idyllwild with the lyons!

this weekend we took a much needed break and headed up to my parent's cabin in idyllwild with our fab photo friends the lyons. we had a great time sitting around doing nothing, napping, taking the kids to the park, eating great food, and napping some more!

here's me laughing at justin napping away :)
the lyons!
as we were leaving i saw this on the side of a beat down old chevy :)
here's jaclyn swinging around at the park....and me making some rockin pancakes (with justin's assistance).



grace @ cottonwood creek park

here's a few quick snaps of grace having fun at a new park we visited :)


the CRAZYBOOTH manual . for photographers


i've been looking forward to shooting angel and rob's engagement session ever since i met them a few months ago. they wanted to shoot in downtown san diego so i lugged them to the top of the horton plaza parking garage for some fun engagement pics :) angel mentioned how much she loves white so i tried to obliger as much as possible but i just couldn't resist the lovely post-storm skies we were having!



good morning...

and a very merry saturday to everyone!

me being the insomniac that i am was up at my usual 5:30 this morning....for those of you normal sleepers out there, that would be before sunrise. this morning's sunrise was exceptionally nice so i just had to take a pic....have a great weekend!


borrow lenses

being adults....sorta

ast night we had the pleasure of actually going out to a real dinner on a friday night with our fab photo friends the lyons. i don't think we've actually been out for a friday night in....geez...i don't even think i can remember the last time! after a quick stop by the lab we all headed up to maggianos in south cost plaza for a gigantic coma inducing meal. after dinner we showed justin and amelia one of our favorite "top secret" photo spots in the area....which has these really cool uplights on at night! of course, us all being the big dorks that we are were lucky enough to have our trusty point and shoot camera on us to take some fun shots. after our nerd-fest justin and amelia took us on a tour of the new yo gabba gabba offices! if you don't know what yo gabba gabba is...you will soon enough, they just were signed with a big deal with nickolodeon! justin is the producer of these wickedly cool and hip kids television show that we are lucky enough to have the first two pilot episodes of....grace's loves it! for any of you readers with younger kids, keep an eye out for yo gabba gabba, it's going to be huge!
we kept trying to self timer a jumping shot of all of us (i did mention how nerdy we are right?) but we just couldn't nail it....instead we have about 10 shots of outtakes :)
the entrance to the uber-cool yo gabba offices...
check out the yo gabba gabba trailer!


renaissance albums

shannon + eric

tying the knot on august 18th, 2007.

our first engagement session of 2007 was a blast! eric and shannon came down to see us from san francisco for some wedding planning and their engagement session in our little neck of the woods. we took them down the road to carlsbad beach for some fun in the sun. we chose a staircase to shoot at and made a goal to shoot everything within 50 square yards of that spot...we always love a good challenge :)

a little side note to all of our wedding couples for next year out there....NOW is the time to schedule your engagement session! it's slow, the weather is nice, and we're feeling creative! drop us a line so we can get your session on the books....

here's a few...


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